Text Control Reporting

MS Word compatible flow type layout reporting platform for .NET

Create any report type with easy-to-use, MS Word inspired designers and a powerful .NET API. Comes with royalty-free template designers for ASP.NET, Windows Forms and WPF.

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What is this?

The simplicity of reporting

The Text Control Reporting Framework combines powerful reporting features with an easy-to-use, MS Word compatible word processor. Users can create documents and templates using ordinary Microsoft Word skills.

TX Text Control is completely independent from MS Word or any other third-party application and can be completely integrated into your ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms, Windows Forms and WPF applications.

Text Control's Flow Type Layout Reporting makes it very easy to create reports with typical word processing features such as tables, headers, footers and sections to create reports that flow across pages.

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What sets Text Control Reporting apart from other reporting concepts?


Fully Programmable

Fully programmable and embeddable in .NET applications

Cross-Browser Designer

MS Word compatible editor to create fully-featured reporting templates

Adobe PDF

Create PDF and PDF/A documents

Flow Type Layout Reporting

Elements are rendered automatically based on text flow

Windows Designer

Customizable template designer for Windows Forms and WPF

MS Word Compatible

Existing templates from MS Word 97 - 2013 can be reused

One designer - multiple platforms

Cross-browser, cross-platform

Create documents and templates anywhere - zero footprint - no plug-ins, nothing!

The first true WYSIWYG, HTML5-based Web editor and reporting template designer. Give your users an MS Word compatible editor to create powerful reporting templates anywhere - in any HTML5-based browser including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Flow Type Layout Reporting

The next thing after banded reports

Conventional banded report designers are complex - Text Control reporting is easy to understand and thanks to WYSIWYG, the template is rendered exactly the same like on paper or in an Adobe PDF. Like in Microsoft Word, users can easily add elements to the report such as tables, pictures, barcodes and headers and footers.

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MS Word compatible document automation

Forget banded reports

No Microsoft Word is required - but it supports all typical formats such as DOCX (Office Open XML), DOC, RTF and PDF. Existing mail merge templates from Microsoft Word 97 - 2013 can be reused.

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Master-detail nested blocks

As easy as writing a letter

Creating powerful hierarchical reports is the strength of Text Control Reporting. Nested repeating blocks with master-detail relationship views can be easily inserted. It doesn't matter what's repeated in the block: A table row, paragraphs, images or text frames. There are no limits.

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1D and 2D barcodes

Automate industry-standard barcodes

1D and 2D barcodes make the reporting solution complete. Text Control Reporting can be easily used to create invoices, sales sheets and delivery notes with industry standard barcodes to connect the digital world and the paper-oriented world.

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2D and 3D charting

Create the big picture

Powerful data visualization in a report or any other documents is essential to get the "big picture". Charts indicate trends and can be used to attractively visualize large volumes of data.

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Data sources

Powerful data connection

Text Control Reporting implements an out-of-the-box data connection wizard to connect to all types of databases including MS SQL, Access, ADO.NET or ODBC. You can easily insert Merge Fields and Merge Blocks from recognized database tables. Additionally, Text Control Reporting supports business objects in form of IEnumerable objects, OData and JSON as data sources.

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Fully programmable

Integrate MS Word compatible reporting to .NET applications

The Text Control Reporting Framework is completely customizable, provides a powerful API and a complete set of events to interact with the merging process. Inject custom code, use your data models as data sources and integrate the document generation directly into your applications.

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